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Latest Offers

Script Doctoring (+2WS)
Hobart Area
As required
Russell Porter
Project development

Learn the basics for editing scripts.

Meeting preperation (+1WS)
Andrew Hinze

I can give you advice on how to prepare for a meeting/ interview. What you need to bring? How you need to prepare yourself?...

Readings (+1WS)
Andrew Hinze

I am able to be a reading partner for people who need to practise a script or need some help rehearsing lines. 

Latest Asks

Andrew Hinze (+1WS)
Andrew Hinze
Project development

I'm looking for help in learning how to write and develop screenplays and plays. Just want someone who can help me run through the...

Film screening at 1.00pm on May 30th (+1WS)
Washington Street, South Hobart
Wide Angle Tasmania

Every month Wide Angle runs a free film screening programme for over 50s called Silver Screen.  We'd love some help to get set-up, welcome...

Camera advice (+1WS)
Emma Wilson

I would like someone to teach me about cameras so I understand what the camera department are talking about. And be patient, I am...

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Alison Costelloe


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Andrew Hinze


Lenah Valley
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Grace Williams


Blackmans Bay
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Joel Wilson