WAT SHARES is a time bank for Tasmanian filmmakers to trade their skills and experience.

Wide Angle Tasmania has created this platform to increase opportunities, encourage mentoring and build the creative, professional and business capacity of Tasmanian screen practitioners - without the constraints of money.

WAT SHARES has been devised to capitalise on the Tasmanian screen sector's greatest strength - our people. We are a community of innovative, generous and ambitious makers that includes: 

Our screen community already shares their time and resources with incredible generosity. WAT SHARES helps to formalise, broaden and strengthen this informal network. It also addresses some of the key challenges and barriers that exist for many filmmakers:

Wide Angle Tasmania's mission is to encourage, develop and support Tasmanian screen practitioners. Time-banking has demonstrable success at building professional networks, stimulating economic activity and increasing confidence and well-being at an individual and collective level (ECHO Impact report 2016). WAT SHARES is a new model for Wide Angle Tasmania to deliver screen practitioner development and create a more self-sustaining Tasmanian screen community.

Inspired by the many time-banking initiatives around the world that trade time, rather than money, the pilot stage of WAT SHARES has been supported by the Tasmanian Community Fund with additional investment from Wide Angle Tasmania.

Photo credits: Home Page - On set of the Conquest of Emma, 2016.  Image credit Keven Francis. Trading Rules - Still from The Conquest of Emma, 2016.  Image credit Keven Francis. FAQs - Still from Coffeehead, 2015 Cast 2, Trent Bauman - Gentleman, Lasca Dry - Waitress, Joshua Harvey - Librarian, Emalisa White - Psychic, Mick Davies - Gym Trainer (Image by Sam King). About - Hothouse 2013 image.