Yes. WAT SHARES is exclusively for WAT members. Sign up to become a WAT member here.

Once you've joined up as a WAT member, you can log into the WAT SHARES website via the page on or go to You will be prompted to provide your details along with a brief profile and photograph. That’s it. Simple!

There is no charge to become one of the WAT SHAREholders. In fact, we give you 5 WAT SHARES once you join. This means that you can start trading straight away. Wide Angle membership fees can be viewed on the website.

Once you have joined and uploaded your profile and photo you can:

  • Explore other MEMBER PROFILES
  • Respond to an OFFER or an ASK
  • Post your own OFFER or ASK

If you don’t see something in The Market Place that meets your needs, you may wish to POST AN AD, either as someone wanting to access a skill (an Ask) or someone offering a skill (an Offer).

Posting an OFFER or ASK

Think about the skills and experience you have and how you can share that skill with someone else within one or two hours.

What is the one thing that I could provide that could assist others in the development of their project?

Be specific and clear with what you offer.

Only make an offer if you have the time and experience to help someone.

Think about what you could learn within one or two hours that would most help you?

What is the one thing that could help me move my project forward or help to develop my skills or my business?

AN EXAMPLE: May has spent the last few months working with a team to finish a short film which has been accepted into a small film festival. She wants to put together some media but has no skills in that area and no budget to fund it. She is a WAT member and has signed up to WAT SHARES and via The Market Place she sees that Toby is offering a 2 hr "Launching your film to the media" session. It sounds perfect, so May connects via WAT SHARES to request a trade. Toby is keen and available to offer the session and they arrange a time and day at Wide Angle Tasmania offices to meet. May then calls Wide Angle Tas to book a room for the session. This is free to them as they are members & it’s for WAT SHARES.

They meet for two hours on the day of the session and once completed they both login to WAT SHARES to confirm the transaction. This transaction ensures that two WAT Shares are withdrawn from May's account and two WAT Shares are transferred to Toby’s account.

No. You are under no obligation to accept any request to provide your time.

No. Trading is from the entire pool of WAT SHAREholders so there is no pressure to reciprocate time. It is about accessing the required skills you need from the most suited practitioner.

Not necessarily. While the focus is on providing and seeking film related skills, we know that creativity doesn't end when you close the door at the end of a shoot. There is scope to offer or ask for help with things that may be more about your life outside the film world, but may in turn assist in allocating time for your film making activities.

No. The only thing that will restrict you is if you use up all your WAT SHARES. To trade you need to have one or more WAT SHARE, so the key is to offer your skills as much as you access other people's skills.


One WAT SHARE equals One hour of time, so it's important to think about offering skills and tasks that can work within One-Two hours.

Once you identify an Ask or Offer, you can Contact the WS Member to discuss arrangements such as meeting time and location. It is important to Select the WS Member you wish to work with. Communication is via the WS site and once the transaction is completed, both parties press the Mark Complete button to enable the WAT SHARES transaction to take place.

Once the skill or service has been provided, both traders need to;

  • go to you Inbox
  • click on the conversation
  • click on the title of the offer/ask (in green at the top of the screen)
  • Press the Mark Complete button, which finalises the trade and triggers transfer of WAT SHARES.

Remember one WS = one hour of your time and that when you sign up for WS you will receive a complimentary FIVE WAT SHARES to start trading.

Yes. The idea of trading skills is based on equality of time. No matter what your experience, age or education, we all have unique and valuable skills to offer and we all equally have needs.

Each trade is One-Two hours of time equalling One-Two WAT SHARES.

No, if you are a WAT member and involved in WAT SHARES, the meeting rooms are free. It is important to call WAT and book the room.

Once the meeting is over, you need to complete the transaction by Accessing your Inbox on the WAT SHARES site, Find the conversation relating to the trade, Click on the Title of the Trade, Choose the MARK COMPLETE button which is at the top of this page. This will mark the trade partially completed. The other party will also need to mark the trade as complete and once that is done, the transfer of WAT SHARES is completed and removed from The Market Place. You will receive an auto-response with a link to a simple survey that enables you to provide feedback on your trade and offer suggestions for improving the WAT SHARES platform.

If you are keen to repeat an Offer or Ask the details will be stored in the Review My Posts at the top right of the page when you are signed into WAT SHARES. Simple copy and paste from this into a new post and upload to The Market Place.