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Molly Reynolds





Molly specialises in screen-based storytelling and multiplatform production. As a practitioner, Molly has produced, written and directed a number of internationally recognised documentaries and websites including Another Country, Still Our Country, What Makes Me, Twelve Canoes, Peter Churcher and The Balanda and the Bark Canoes.  She has extensive production, management and consultancy experience including with the NSW, NT and SA state governments, AFTRS, the AFC and Film Australia. Other roles have included General Manager with Beyond Online as well as numerous roles in creating content and policy at the ABC. Molly teaches and has taught as an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University‚Äôs Entertainment Technology Centre. She has an MA in Commercial Law and an MA in Media Arts & Production and has worked in print media and radio. 

Current Offers

Documentary Project Assessment (+2WS)
Hobart and mobile comms

I am able to contribute to the refining of documentary projects for the marketplace. This includes scoping re concept, budget, financing and distribution.

Digital Media Project Assessment (+2WS)
Hobart or mobile comms

I am able to offer constructive feedback in the development of innovative audio-visual projects. This includes canvassing the feasible opportunities for realising the project.