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Michael Gissing





Michael is an extremely experienced film maker who has worked within and outside of Tasmania for many years. He is an advisor through the Wide Angle Tasmania Specialist Advice Service in the areas of editing, sound mixing & colour grades and is the owner of Digital City Studios, a broadcast post production facility.

Credits - More than 1000 documentary sound tracks. Colour grade and online of over 80 documentaries. Many short films post production sound & grade. 42 years experience in production and post production for film and broadcast. Full post production facilities for cinema and broadcast. Specialist location surround recording services.

Current Offers

Sound Recording (+1WS)
As required

Advice on microphone type, placement and techniques for boom and radio mics. Recording devices, monitoring and the requirements for file type, documentation, understanding sync...

Creating Workflows (+1WS)
Hobart and surrounds
As required

Advice on camera codecs, sound files and syncing techniques, frame rates and pixel aspects. Also includes post production with choice of editing software, drive...

Current Asks

Sound Assistants (+2WS)
Hobart and surrounding area
Ongoing as needed

I would like help on some location documentary work that I am engaged in, recording field sound while I shoot. I have the equipment...